U Force - Lemon Lime Rita (Fan Review!)

Energy drinks come in a variety of flavors. Most of them are the usually things like cherry, orange, and cola. So with that in mind I stumbled across a flavor that didn't fit into the usual categories. What flavor is that you may ask? U Force Lemon Lime Rita. That’s right folks a margarita flavored energy drink. This variety sounded gross to me, but it was on sale and I'm a sucker for reviewable drinks.

Back at home with my chilled can I scan the label to see the pitch for this beverage. Those familiar with U Force know that it contains 0% juice, a small twist of irony considering that this flavor is Lemon Lime. Also, the ingredients list provides lots of life depleting ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and potassium benzoate. The label also tells me that U Force "gives stamina to take it to another level." Take what to another level? And which level are we talking about? These questions seem natural, but no answers are provided. The U Force brand of energy drinks reminds me of a bad horror film, lots of hype leading up to a hollow production.

So with that, I crack the top. The smell is a cross between cheap lemon-lime and the worst sweeter possible. So I take a sip. Folks this stuff tastes strange, I can't put it any other way. It does in fact taste like margarita, but the low grade kind you may drink at a seedy bingo parlor with nicotine covered walls, or at an all-you-can-drink dive on the Mexican border. Either way, it’s cheapy cheap. Now on to the other element that comprises the taste, lemon-lime. The lemon-lime taste is equally as cheap as the so called “Rita” flavor, but way worse. I am convinced that a science major at the local university could concoct something better in his basement. Now for the element that completes this nasty trifecta, the aftertaste. Even a few minutes after finishing the last few sips the horrible taste lingers in my mouth like heart burn after bad chili. Yeah, I'm not drinking anymore. My poor kitchen sink drain, he has to deal with the left over contents of this can. U Force Rita you are nothing but suck sauce, pure and simple!

Final Review: Do Not Buy! Folks, if you want to drink something that tastes like margarita, drink a margarita and not this stuff. Plus, I find it counterintuitive that a cheap energy drink would flavor something like an alcoholic beverage, but then again lots of things don't make sense to me.


U Force Lemon Life Rita580.jpg