Rip It - Citrus X (Fan Review!)

Speedo Gas is a horribly seedy gas station      near me, one which I usually don't like to patronize.  However the      thirst pains from my steel horse force me to make the unfortunate      decision to stop by the Speedo Gas station to fill my immediate petroleum      needs.  Once inside the beverage cooler informs me that contents are      on sale, via a rather unprofessionally made hand written      neon sign. So I peruse.  What do I find? Rip it      Energy Fuel.  So with all too expensive gas and this yet      unrated discounted energy drink, I push the eject button on a store      that would creep out even the most weather beaten. 

Rip It Energy Fuel Citrus X is today's      review.  I can't help but chuckle at the redundant nature of      the drinks name, and wonder how anyone thought the words      "energy" and "fuel" should go together.  Perhaps      this is a small peek into what this concoction tastes like.  I look      elsewhere around the label to get a handle on what exactly Rip It      has to offer, and find little of note.  A website is      advertised, (I won't be going there), and I'm told to stay away if I have      a medical condition.  Also I'm told this stuff is a      "wild ride."  I'm sure it is, but that isn't      necessarily a good thing in my mind.  By the way the main      ingredient here is High Fructose Corn Syrup, do with that what you will.

So I crack open the can and take a sip.       This tastes like a mixture of Mello Yellow and      stale Tang, but infinitely worse.  I'm sure      there is some redeeming quality about this stuff but I can't seem to find      it.  Just for shiggles I drink about a quarter of the can to      see if my Rip It experience will get better.  No and no again!       Folks I can't help but think that I've been ripped off by      Rip It Energy Fuel. Sorry drain in my kitchen sink, I      promise this won't happen again.  On second thought, maybe the drain      is the best place for Rip It. 

Final Review:  Do Not      Buy!  Rip It Energy Fuel Citrus X tastes gross, pure and      simple.  Not to mention the lame name and the hideous color of      the can. 


Rip It Energy Citrus X580.jpg