Radioactive Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

A few days of vacation found me in a beach town passing time by swimming and wandering around seeing the sights.  At a local gas station situated close to my sand filled haven I stumble upon a new energy drink named Radioactive.  I was faced with two choices, a 10.5 OZ bottle that had a pair of creepy green eyes gazing out at me, or the 16 OZ bottle which had the standard yellow radioactive symbol on the front.  I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be drinking more than a few sips so the 10.5 OZ can would have been the better bet, but the creepy green eyes made the smaller can unattractive, so I went with the larger can. 

I will now explain to you the gimmick of Radioactive Energy Drink, and yes it is detailed enough to get its own paragraph.  The can explains that in order for me to "emerge from the dark world of energy drink overload" I should "activate my senses with the glow of radioactive energy."  What is this glow they speak of? Well it’s the can.  It glows in the dark. This is no joke folks, as I didn't believe it myself. If you hold the can next to a light for a moment or two then turn out the lights, the label will in fact glow.  I can't help but think that Vanilla Ice should be a spokesperson for Radioactive, as he too claimed to glow in the dark in his greatest hit.  The label rambles on and uses cheesy combinations of words like "hyper nuclear surge of extreme energy," and "righteous taste like no other." I realize that products need to be branded to be successful, but the cheese factor for this product would take a Geiger counter to measure.

So back at the beach house I pop the top and turn on a Motley Crew song (it seemed appropriate), and set out to give you the reader a decent review.  Lemon-Lime flavor is what greets my taste buds.  It is a fairly stock taste and leaves a heavy after taste in my mouth.  Radioactive Energy Drink is made without HFCS which is a positive, and contributes to a somewhat decent taste. Loads of items populate the ingredients list, all of which give this drink a rather heavy feel.  I don't hate the flavor, but I don't like it either.  After a few more sips I grow weary of the taste and decided to put the can down.  I do have more energy, perhaps Radioactive is responsible. 

Final Review:  Buyer Beware! Folks, if you want a can that glows in the dark, or a conversation starter at a party, this stuff is for you.  Otherwise I would suggest finding another way to satisfy your thirst.


radioactive energy drink580.jpg

It can also light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle