NERD Focus and Energy Beverage (Fan Review!)

Frequently grocery stores will put quality items on their end-caps with a sale price to entice shoppers to make impulsive buys.  Grocery stores also put items that aren't selling well on end-caps with a sale price, just to clear the merchandise.  Nerd the Focus and Energy Beverage was on an end-cap and greeted me with a sign that read "Special."  Assuming that referred to the price, I picked up a four pack and moved toward the check-out stand.  Wondering why this product would be on an end cap, I casually glanced at the cardboard package holding my four cans in one place.  A thick layer of dust coated the top, which gave me the vital context clue I needed.

Now with a chilled version of the aforementioned product in hand, I scan the label to see what is about to be in my belly.  First, NERD alerts me that it is "The focus and energy beverage."  I find it strange that this product is called an energy beverage and not a drink.  Second, this focus and energy beverage has many ingredients listed, none of which I can pronounce.  Third, this beverage is made in San Antonio, TX.  That fact is cool, but I was born in Texas, so I might be biased.

I crack open the top.  Lemon-Lime is the best way I can describe the smell.  It's not bad really, and I've smelled worse.  So the plunge is taken and a huge gulp it forced down the old drain pipe.  Lemon-lime flavor that borders on the grotesque figuratively hits me between the eyes.  I take another sip; the same lemon-lime taste smacks me in the mouth like mommy dearest in rare form.  I have no desire to finish drinking what remains, so this review is over.  I will now focus on other things, good bye NERD.

Final review:  Buyer Beware:  Folks if you just want to try this, go ahead and do it don't say I didn't warn you though!