Zevia Ginger Root Beer (Fan Review!)

       The last time the sweetener Stevia & I met it was not a pleasant experience. Me & Mrs. G were on a sugar substitute diet at the time & were trying everything. Let’s just say we & Stevia went our separate ways leaving on non-speaking terms. So you could imagine my apprehension when Mr. A asked if we could review the Stevia infused Zevia Ginger Root Beer drink. But I believe myself to be a man of second chances especially since Mrs. G has been giving me those second chances since 1997, so why couldn’t I do the same for this drink? (Not exactly the same, but it is…)

       First I gathered the group & popped open the can. Before giving each of them a sample, I took a whiff of the drink & found it to be surprisingly pleasant. It was a nice blend of a ginger & root beer scent, which apparently is the flavor the can says they’re going for, so that’s a good start. Now let’s get to the group’s reaction.

       Five year old Miss S’s initial reaction to the drink poured into her glass was:

       “Ooh, it’s so bubbly!” So far so good I guess.

       “And how’s the taste?” I asked.

       “It’s spicy & sweet. I like it!”

        I was surprised. Was this the same sweetener that left such a terrible taste in my mind I swore I wouldn’t touch the stuff again? Maybe my kid’s got a different set of taste buds. Let’s turn to three year old Miss P & see what she thought.

       Once I poured it into her sippy cup, she started to drink…

              …& drink…

                     …& didn’t stop drinking till it was all gone. “Can I have some more?”

       I was getting the sneaking suspicion this drink might be pretty good.

       However, Mr. Little O was next. He’s in the copycat stage of his two years so though he may have said,” It’s sweet,” like his sisters, his scrunched up face told me the story. To top it off, he shoved the drink right back at me & wouldn’t drink another drop. I guess that’s a no for him.

       Next were Mrs. G. & myself. When I mentioned to the missus that we were doing this, she wasn’t too thrilled. We braced ourselves. The first sip hit me with a strong ginger taste. Then the root beer flavor was next. “Exactly as advertised” I thought. I looked over at my wife & saw the same reaction. Now we waited for that dreaded Stevia aftertaste...& we waited...& waited. To our surprise, it never came!

       So to sum up we were pleasantly surprised by the taste of this Stevia flavored drink. Little O may not have liked it too much, but four out of five of us found it quite nice & flavorful. Please keep in mind we had preconceived notions of this sweetener going in, so our verdict surprises even us:  Buy a pack!


Zevia Ginger Root Beer 2580.jpg

Not even Twist could compete with the level of adorable this review has now reached.