Full Throttle Citrus (Fan Review!)

Full Throttle Energy Drink is a beverage that hasn't been reviewed yet, so while at a shady corner market I purchased the "Full Citrus Flavor" variety.  I immediately wonder if there is a partial citrus flavor out there, or if the purveyors of Full Throttle are surreptitiously conveying the message that they do not water down their beverage.  Either way I'll be drinking it, there is a review to do!  So after the transaction is completed I read the label to see what I'm in for.  Loads of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup await, and I can't help but chuckle at the warning to pregnant women and children to stay away.  I've been called one of those two things before during my adult life but I think I'm safe, wait what is this? A pitch on the can that extols the benefits of Full Throttle, I will copy said verbatim: "Hard working Full Throttle combines true refreshment with real energy.  Our 'No Choke Mixture' is about FULL FLAVOR you don't have to force down, and reliable energy ingredients that help you get the job done.  No mystery ingredients, no bull."  Folks I can't help but notice the inadvertent adult innuendo embedded in the cans description of its contents.  I immediately wonder who wrote that and wonder how they thought it sounded good enough to put on the can's label. "Real energy" was also referenced and I wonder if there is such a thing as fake energy. Oh well, time to drink Full Throttle Full Citrus and see what it’s all about!

So I take a sip.  Not bad really.  To be honest I was expecting a rather vulgar and stomach traumatizing taste, but instead I got a rather mellow lemon-lime flavor that goes down easily.  Folks I am very surprised.  So I take a few more sips to make sure my taste buds registered Full Throttle Correctly.  The taste remains decent and I actually think this stuff isn't half bad.  There is a slight lemon-lime after taste that lingers, but I think this is due to the HFCS sweetener.  The after taste doesn't linger at all. 

If I were to compare this to anything it would be to Gator-Aid lemon-lime flavor, but with more sugar and totally worse for you.  I take a few more sips to finish the review and feel confident that I have judged this Full Throttle stuff correctly.  Not bad folks, Full Throttle tastes okay, and contains enough caffeine and sugar to keep a baboon charging through the fast lane for a few hours.  Oh yeah, and it did go down easy, I guess there wasn't any inappropriate innuendo printed on the label after all.

Final Review:  Buy a bottle! Folks if you just have to buy an energy drink to get through your day/night, Full Throttle seems to be the better choice than most of what’s out there.


Full Throttle Citrus580.jpg