Big K Watermelon Kiwi

I hate watermelon and I hate kiwi.  So why am I drinking this anti-freeze colored liquid with the name of Big K Watermelon Kiwi?  One Mr. Dan Dub has kindly brought this delightful combination of flavors to my attention… in two full liters mind you!  Seeing as I will drink any soda anyone brings me here goes.  Here I go down this misguided path.  It’s like walking down a well-lit alley, looking at the mugger at the end as you flip your wallet from hand to hand.  Maybe drinking this out of an Atari pint glass will help with my soon to be sadness.  Awwww… my Centipede glass is dirty so I have to go with Tempest.  Ah well… time for a whiff.

Yup.  That’s definitely the smell of chemicals made to smell like watermelon/kiwi.  I really don’t want to smell this again just to write another sentence about it so we’re going to move on.

Ok… so I’m not dead or vomiting.  This seems to be a perk of the fact that this doesn’t actually have any watermelon or kiwi in it.  Chemicals for the win!  In fact the watermelon flavoring is quite subtle and I honestly couldn’t tell you what a kiwi tasted like anymore.  I just remember having a horrible experience with one as a child never to eat one again.  Big K Watermelon Kiwi starts off smooth with that subtle taste I spoke of earlier.  Once you actually go into the act of ingesting it though a shock of carbonation hits the back of your throat and the flavor intensifies a bit more before dissolving into a ghost of its former self.  While I will end up finishing the two liter (not out of love but out of not wasting a two liter) the best thing about Big K Watermelon Kiwi is its color.  It’s a muted florescent green that would stand out in any soda lineup.  Honestly I don’t hate this soda nor would I put it on any top 10 lists.  I would however suggest that someone use it in a punch of some kind.  Something tells me that this would work 100% better as a supporting player instead of the lead.  Well my Tempest glass is now empty and I don’t feel like going back downstairs to fill it back up thus lengthening this review.  So…

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


Big K Watermelon Kiwi580.jpg

Faux FAct:  Twist's blood is actual anti-freeze