Dr. Zevia (Fan Review!)

  I just received my can of Dr. Zevia today.  I cracked it open and took a whiff and thought hey this is going to be an awesome soda.  It smells amazing right away.  I’m thinking of an all-natural healthy soda that is going to taste like the real thing.  At first I was right and then this medicine after taste hits you kinda like a bad tasting sparkling water like a flavored club soda.  A few minutes in after drinking i had a horrible stomach.  It’s too bad i am a health nut and I love diet sodas so i was stoked to try this.  Over all it’s not the worst soda i have ever tasted but def not the best soda of all time.  I like the can I like the "health" factor   I like zero calories and all that and it’s just the after taste that I’m not to fond of. 

Verdict – Buyer Beware


Dr. Zevia2.jpg