BJ's Brewery Vanilla Crème Soda (Fan Review!)

   The BJ's Brewery and restaurant location near me has several big screen TVs which I frequently utilize for watching major golf tournaments.  Just such an occasion recently arose, so I pulled up a large bar stool and placed myself in a prime location to watch my favorite golf pros do their thing.  Since I was at BJ's I decided to try a flavor of their micro brewed soft drinks which I had yet to enjoy.  Today's fare:  BJ's Micro Brewed Vanilla Crème Soda.  To be completely honest, I have drank vanilla crème soda once many years ago, and did not like the taste in the least.  Judging by the excellent flavor of the other micro brewed sodas at BJ's, I thought I would at least take a shot. 

   The soda is poured into a frosty mug retrieved from a small refrigerator.  Immediately I notice the color of the soda, which is a pale caramel color.  The accompanying smell is faint but noticeable, and is most similar to vanilla, which seems appropriate.  So I decide with more than a little apprehension to take a large sip.  The soda is cold and tastes great.  The beverage is called vanilla crème, and tastes like a perfect mixture of both.  The taste is not overpowering but definitely present.  The drink is certainly sweeter than what I am used to, perhaps that is to be expected with Vanilla Crème flavor. 

   The first mug is down, so it’s time for another.  The vanilla flavor is still fresh and hasn't worn thin.  I enjoy the taste, but I find the soda slightly too sweet.  Overall I like what I've had, and would suggest to anyone to at least give it a try.

Final Review:  Buy a Bottle.  Folks, BJ's Brewery Vanilla Crème Soda tastes great and is served cold and fresh in a nice frosty mug, a great beverage to try just once or any time you’re at BJ's.


BJ's Brewery Vanilla Cream Soda580.jpg