180 Acai Berry All Natural Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

  At a sleazy convenience store near my modest one room palace, I stumble upon an energy drink with a pitch I haven't seen yet.  180 Degree All Natural Energy Drink is the concoction at hand, and its label claims it is made with juice from the "legendary" Acai berry.  Intrigued by the exotic ingredient I research the label further to see what this potential gem is all about.  Apparently the juice contained in this beverage is supposed to, and I quote directly: "...Heighten mental clarity and spirit while leaving you recharged without compromises."  Folks, I don't know what the label is referring to when it says compromises, but I'd like to thank the company that makes this for not subjecting me to them.  The label lists other ingredients such as grape juice, sugar, water, soluble fiber, and several different forms of B complex vitamins.  Not bad ingredients for an inexpensive energy drink. 

   So I crack open my new can of 180 Degree Energy Drink on a sunny afternoon and take a few sips.  A subtle blueberry-grape combination greets my taste buds.  The taste is neither overly sweet nor too obscure.  A somewhat cheap after taste remains, but I find that common among drinks sweetened with refined sugar.  Half of the can is gone and the taste remains static.  The grape-blueberry combination is novel, but not impressive. Light carbonation is a plus, and I don't find the beverage growing stale the longer I have the top open.  Perhaps I have discovered the compromise in which the label refers.

Final review:  Buy a bottle.  This drink isn't great or even good, but compared to many of the other energy drinks on the market, it not bad.


180 Acai Berry580.jpg

All natural just like this stump.  Stump soda.