Waialua Soda Works Kona Red (Fan Review!)

   My local grocery store has a gourmet soda aisle which I search methodically on occasion.  My weekly supermarket trip took me to said aisle where I noticed a radiant and colorful sign proclaiming "NEW PRODUCT!" The bright yellow paper with red lettering had certainly accomplished its goal of capturing my attention. Waialua Soda Works Kona Red was advertised as a new flavor for this high end soda company. This novel drink is made with the juice of an antioxidant rich Hawaiian super fruit.  I need to admit here that I do not know what a super fruit is, but I think it is probably as good, or better than a regular fruit.  With that being said, I purchased the aforementioned beverage and returned to my lair and refrigerated it to a near freezing state. 

   The chilled beverage then made its way into my hand, and I noticed during the handling process that the bottle is made with clear glass.  Peering through the bottle I then noticed that the beverage itself is a very pale red color.  Interesting for me because I can't say that I have ever drank anything that was similarly hued.  With a flick of my wrist the bottle top was torn off by my trusty bottle opener and I took a long gulp.  This soda tasted differently than anything I had drank before.  The actual taste is hard to describe because it is so different, but let me reassure you, it isn't bad at all!  If I had to compare it with something, I would say it tastes vaguely similar to cranberry juice.  That example by no means does this drink justice. The taste is subtle and refreshing, a magnificent combination of sweetness and carbonation expertly mixed. 

   I think mentioning a few of the drinks ingredients is important.   The label on the back of the bottle says it has cane sugar, Maui Natural White Cane Sugar, and Hawaii Coffee Fruit Extract.  Very interest ingredients to say the least!   I am impressed that this is made out of cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.  So all told folks, I say a resounding "YES!"  to the yummy goodness that is Waialua Soda Works Kona Red. 

Final Review:  Buy a Bottle.  That's rights folks I suggest you buy a bottle.  The soda world has done a lot worse than this gem, plus a drink from Hawaii is almost like actually going to Hawaii, at least for your mouth.   


Waialua Kona Red580.jpg