NOS High Performance Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

   With some trepidation I purchased what appeared to be an unfortunate experience waiting to happen.  NOS Energy Drink subsequently adorned my counter top, and awaited my consumption.   A brief description of the beverages container is in order here, and in my opinion, will give vital context clues to just what this beverage claims to be.  A bottle shaped like a nitrous oxide container used in race cars houses an alleged flavorful concoction.  On one part of the label NOS is described as a High performance Energy Drink, and another part of the label describes it as an energy supplement.  I can't help but wonder why the people who make this treasure provided these two subtly different yet profoundly distinct descriptions.  Also, on the label is a list of the ingredients one can assume is in the drink.  With names like Taurine, Inositol and caffeine present in large quantities, perhaps this concoction is mixed for people who expect to find themselves in a mosh pit or some other over-the-top social gathering.  Either way, the obnoxiously shaped bottle and its equally distasteful bright blue and orange color scheme, have left a bad taste in my mouth before tasting one drop.

   The bottle top comes off easily, and the sweet odor of fresh citrus greets my nostrils.  The smell is most similar in my opinion to the smell of a generic fruit punch one might find buried deep in the end-cap discount bin at a low rent grocery store.  Not to be dissuaded, I take a sip.  NOS tastes as cheap as the smell previously described.  Sweetness is the overpowering factor for this beverage, a sweetness which is only slightly mitigated by the delicate carbonation which helps send this odious beast down the esophagus.  A brief description of the taste... it is  lemon-lime like.  I use the term "like" because the actual taste is somewhat unique and only obliquely similar to a lemon-lime blend.  A few more sips confirm what my taste buds screamed at the first go-round, this drink has an overly sweet taste that will just not go away, and not get any better either. 

   About half of the bottle is finished, and I have decided to put this drink out to pasture.  NOS is not a good drink in any way, there is no sugar coating that fact.

Final review:  Buyer beware!  Ladies and gentleman, I can't tell you not to buy this drink but its name says it all, I have nothing but multiple nos to say to NOS, kind of ironic isn't it?



Caution: Powerful.  Really?!