Virgil's Zero Root Beer


After a heinous review of Lime Crush which should have received a rating of "Buy Stock in the Company," I knew it was time I came back, if anything to at least start a review mentioning the heinous-ness of the score for Lime Crush. 

Anyhoo, what better way than with a Virgil's product? Sadly it's diet, and sadly it's made with stevia. In fact I'm 99% sure it is their old diet, just renamed, however an old nutrition facts label shows their older diet root beer to have 2 carbs and this has zero, so maybe it was tinkered with a bit.

It might have also been easier to tell if they're different by the ingredients label, but just like their diet, this is very sparse with "spices" being the vague connection to their actually-listed spices on the non-diet products.

We never wrote up a review of the diet, it was just mentioned on the popcast (remember that?) and not in a positive light. Well, different or not, it's still bad. If I can say anything positive, it's that it's good for a diet root beer, which I suppose isn't saying much at all. Also the clouds and sky on the label appear to be more heavenly, giving more proof to my theory that the image on all of the Virgil's labels is God serving root beer to children in heaven.

Did I mention Lime Crush should be "Buy Stock in the Company?"

Verdict: Buyer Beware