Natural Brew Vanilla Crème Soda (Fan Review!)

Hey fellow Cream Soda fans, Steve W here, and it's time for a guest review. This week, we're gonna be reviewing Natural Brew Vanilla Crème Soda. Now, if you've had or read the review for Natural Brew's Ginseng Cola, you may remember that a key factor in the soda's unique flavor is the Bourbon Vanilla. Well, it makes a return as you may imagine with this Cream Soda, and it's of course much more of a prevalent flavor this time around.

Upon opening the bottle, my nose is quickly welcomed to the soft smell of Vanilla and what seem to be one or two other spices. It's a sweet smell, but it is faint. However, we're not here to smell this stuff. Now, for the moment you and I have been waiting for. *insert swig here* Well, I'll definitely say that the Vanilla doesn't hide with this soda. It's a relatively strong flavor, but it's not too strong, though it does have a bite. It's a complex taste, with the Bourbon Vanilla certainly standing out, but not letting whatever the other spices may be go by unnoticed. The various ingredients certainly complement one another, giving way to a unique Cream taste. Even after swallowing, the flavor lingers on the palate for a few seconds, before gradually giving way to a very smooth aftertaste.

Now I've had a good deal of Cream Sodas in the past (Virgil's, Henry Weinhard, etc), and this one definitely stands out. I can't say it's my favorite, but its flavor is unique enough that I'll certainly pick it up again at some point. Natural Brew really did another good job with this soda, and I'm eager to try more of their products after my experience with their Cream Soda.

Verdict - Buy a pack!

[Steve W]