Zusma - Mango Passion (Fan Review!)

The supermarket I frequent is configured like a giant maze, moving customers from one end of the store to the checkout counter in an organized fashion.  Why is that fact relevant? The answer: because this layout takes me right past the aisle where gourmet soda and energy drinks are sold.  So during my most recent sweep through this human conveyor belt, I stumbled upon Zusma Energy Tea Mango Passion flavor.  For those of you who don't know about Zusma, it is the HEB Supermarket's version of an energy drink.  Actually it is an "energy tea" according to its label. Zusma is surprisingly filled with several healthy ingredients which set it apart from similar products on the market in my opinion.  

About those ingredients, I'll relay some of them now. First, Zusma is made with premium white and black tea mixed with carbonated water, a delicious start in my book.  Next on the ingredients list is cane sugar, agave nectar, and pear juice.  Also included is oriental ginseng nectar, which sounds cool.  So with all of those great ingredients and at a price that rivals the cost of a ticket at a dollar theater, I take my new can home to see if the taste matches the hype.

The can is now chilled and I crack open the top.  No discernible scent, which is a good sign.  So now I take a gulp.  Wait... this stuff tastes great!  A mixture of black tea and mango flavoring are mixed together to form a delectable fluid that goes down easy and has my taste buds asking for more.  I drink some more to make sure a true measure of the drinks taste has registered, and yes it most certainly has.  More sips are followed by more sips, which are then followed by more sips.  Before I know it half of the cans contents are in my belly and neither the taste nor the carbonation has grown stale.  I now look forward to finishing my can of Zusma Mango Passion knowing that at least for right now, its possible to find happiness at the bottom of a bottle, or in this case, a can. 

Final Review: Buy a six pack!  Yeah folks, good taste, good price, and good ingredients added together make for a winner in my book! Zusma Mango Passion you rock and stuff! 


Zusma mango passion580.jpg