Red Bull Sugar Free (Fan Review!)

The Red Bull brand of energy drinks is as popular as any on the market.  Originally produced in the 90’s Red Bull could easily be considered a trailblazer in the energy drink industry.  So with that in mind I came across the sugar-free version of this stalwart and decided to do a thorough review.  To get a better feel for what I was in for, I looked over the can’s label and tried to extract relevant information.  I am told that Red Bull “improves performance” and “improves the metabolism.” I’m not sure how those claims could be objectively measured, so I’ll just take them at face value.  The ingredients list includes various forms of sugar and caffeine, not unusual for an energy drink.  Also I am told that Red Bull contains Phenylalanine.  I’m not sure how that word is pronounced or what it refers too exactly.  The thought does cross my mind that I should be scared, but there is a review to do!

The light blue and silver can had already been chilled prior to purchase, so I open it up immediately when I get home. The smell that greets me is most similar to that of bubble gum.  I am not really a fan of bubble gum so my Red Bull Light experience is off to a rather austere start to say the least. The bubble gum smell isn’t bad, but it reminds me of the cheap gum I would buy as a kid for around ten cents.  So I take a sip not really knowing what to expect.  The taste somewhat mirrors the smell with some divergence.  A strange metallic taste is present and stays on my tongue like paste.  Needless to say I am not impressed.  So I take another sip. The carbonation stays static, and unfortunately so does the taste.  I really don’t like this stuff and decide that I’m not going to drink any more.   The aftertaste stays in my mouth for a few minutes and assures me that I made the right decision.  Sorry Red Bull Sugar Free, your taste is lacking and contains a strange “P” word that may or may not be bad for me.   At least I can recycle the can.

Final Review:  Do not buy! Folks this stuff isn’t a good version of regular Red Bull and leaves an aftertaste that sticks around like acid reflux.


RedBull Sugar Free580.jpg