Venom Energy Death Adder (Fan Review!)

"When you need lightning fast reflexes, you need the intense energy of Venom Death Adder."  That catchy and sophisticated introduction is located on the back of Venom Energy Drink, Death Adder flavor.  This highbrow concoction apparently is supposed to be fruit punch flavor, I know this because in small letters at the bottom of the front of the can it tells me so.  Also, this stuff is made with less than stellar ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and potassium sorbate.  To be fair I really didn't expect any better from something named "Venom," so I scan the rest of the label to see if anything else worthy will reveal itself to no avail.  I do find a note indicating this is made by the Dr. Pepper Company, which I find interesting.  However, overall it appears I'm in for a treat in the not-so-nice sort of way. 

So I open the top and take a sniff, it smell like the cheap punch one would find served at a third world resale shop, or a summer camp for troubled youth where deep budget cut have been made.  So I take a sip.  Rarely have I had a drink whose horrible smell is eclipsed by ever more disgusting taste.  Yes it tastes like fruit punch, a fruit punch I no longer want to drink.  Cheap flavor is combined with an overpowering aftertaste to form an extremely poor rendition of a type of drink I always thought impossible to screw up.  Looks like I was all wrong.  So with only one sip down, this review is over.  Venom Energy drink, your name is all too ironic.

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Venom is just plain bad! 


Venom Death Adder Fruit Punch580.jpg