Guru Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

I sometimes visit an upscale bistro to enjoy fine vittles and cold beverages.  So while waiting for my order to be filled I meander around the store perusing the wide selection of consumables to see if anything catches my eye.  On a shelf housing a variety of non-alcoholic beverages I find an energy drink I haven't reviewed yet.  Its name is Guru, and it claims to be 100% all natural.  Just what is an all-natural energy drink?  The ingredients list provides some clues.  Sparkling water, organic white grape juice concentrate, and lemon juice are just some of the components listed.  I must cautiously admit that Guru Energy Drink sounds promising at this point.  Before I can read more of the label the hand held beacon hailing my lunch pick-up vibrates, alerting me that it’s time to eat.  So I take my new can, pay for my stuff, sit down and set out to eat, and do a good review. Oh and for the sake of full disclosure I also bought a bottomless glass of ice tea as a backup, just in case. 

So the top has been cracked and I take a cautious sniff. Guru really doesn't have a smell that I can readily discern, which is a good thing in my opinion. So a man sized gulp is flushed down the proverbial pie hole. A strange taste subsequently greets my taste buds. The best way I can describe it is a combination of mild grape flavor mixed with a trace of lemon.  The carbonation is slightly heavy, but by no means detracts from the overall experience.  I drink more, and really like what I have discovered in Guru.  A faint tartness is present that only adds to the delicious flavor.  The can is now gone as is my lunch, and I have decided that my Guru experience was positive.  Guess I didn't need the iced tea after all. 

Final Review: Buy a bottle!  Folks, if you feel the need to drink an energy drink please consider Guru 100% All Natural Energy Drink, it seems to give the same amount of kick as the usual energy drinks, but with way better ingredients and a decent price.