Zusma - Power Peach (Fan Review!)

Zusma is an energy drink produced by the HEB chain of supermarkets to be sold in its stores.  Actually its an energy "tea," and comes in a variety of flavors.  What makes this product an energy tea? Well it’s the ingredients.  Zusma is made with both black and green tea and contains all natural sweeteners.  This concoction seems to be a rather unique and refreshing brew compared with most of the energy beverage market in my opinion and seems to be worth a shot.  So I make the purchase, happy that I found what looks to be a decent drink to review.

Today's flavor is Power Peach.  I have chilled my can to a near frozen state for a couple of reasons.  The first is personal preference, and the other is a safety precaution.  I have found that even the worst tasting beverages are somewhat more palatable when chilled.  So with that being said I crack open the top.  Yep, this stuff smells like peach.  The smell isn't offensive and is actually inviting.  So I take a sip.  This stuff is decent.  The carbonation seems to overpower the peach taste somewhat, or it could be that the peach taste is mild enough that it doesn't stand out. Either way Zusma Peach is off to a good start. After a few more sips I notice that neither the taste nor the carbonation grow stale.  The base tea flavors are discernible and make for a seamless taste when added with peach.  This stuff isn't bad, and I would place it above most of the energy beverage on the market.  Actually, I would probably buy this flavor again! 

Final review:  Buy A Bottle!  Folks Zusma Power Peach is a solid choice when searching for a decent tasting and affordable energy drink, or in this case energy tea.


Zusma Powe Peach580.jpg