Quagmire's Cherry Pop


If any of us have learned one fact in life, it's that holding multiple sexual partners causes three problems:  a lack of energy, a great thirst, and the need for a great memory to remember people's birthdays.  Of course if you're not careful you can throw two more things on the list, but let's stay positive here.  We're not sure of anything out there that can help us remember birthdays, but thankfully a product has come along that takes care of the energy and thirst problems, and not only that, it's Family Guy themed!  How perfect!

So this is Quagmire's Cherry Pop (get it??) energy drink from Boston America Corp., which makes it sound like a bunch of dudes in an office decided "hey, let's make energy drinks...and maybe we could get some of those loveable characters from the hit TV animated comedy Family Guy to put on the cans."  Of course they would be saying this with charts and graphs behind them.

Anyway, one of those charts or graphs must have said "make it actually taste like a drink and not medicine" because it actually tastes like a drink and not medicine.  It's like a tart cherry soda, and that's a flavor you can't go wrong with.  Very minimal carbonation.  As for the energy part, I really can't say it did anything for me.  I'm not the best test subject for energy drink reactions.  But hey, at least I could tell you it tastes good.

Maybe my lack of response has to do with the lack of energy drink-style components.  You get 50% of your daily value of B6 and B12, and if you sort through the list of ingredients you'll see taurine, guarana extract, panax ginseng and a ton more chemicals that include our favorites, HFCS and sodium benzoate.

I suppose if you're going to have an energy drink, you're probably used to the chemicals by now.  You might not be used to the flavor though, so you might as well give this one a try and mix up that part of your routine a bit.  I'd also have to say that ... wait a second, it's the 14th?  I just remembered I have to make a phone call.  It did work!  Thanks Quagmire's Cherry Pop!*

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!


*Birthday remembering for entertainment value only.  We and those guys with charts do not claim that any product will help you remember birthdays.  Tiny print tiny print tiny print.  Nobody reads tiny print.  I could say anything down here.  Maybe it's subliminal.  Make our site your homepage...do it...make our site your homepage...