R. W. Knudsen Spritzer Boysenberry


This company's name and logo both make me wonder if they sell jams and preserves, because if they don't, they're wasting their name and logo.  Even this can makes me think it should have jelly in it, but considering it says "spritzer" that kinda ruins the whole thing.

According to the can, the goal was creating an alternative to soda by making a drink which was fruit juice and sparkling water.  Now I don't know if you've ever tried adding a little water to make a fruit juice more mild, but you can add a drop to a glass of juice and it'll ruin the whole thing.  Needless to say, I'm concerned.  Granted they did meet their goal of what should be in it, as the ingredients are sparkling filtered water, grape, boysenberry and plum juice concentrates.  So here we go.

Sadly my theory was correct:  this is dull.  It is watered down juice.  Not only that it tastes dirty.  Like they didn't wash off their fruits before juicing them.  I like the idea, and maybe it would work with another flavor, but with the boysenberry, it's just dull and dirty.  Again, with a logo like that, make some jam.  I'd buy it.

Verdict:  Buyer beware!