Hansen's Original Cola


We found it amusing that Hansen's was making a new product called "Original Cola" but there's always the chance that it's decent, so we tried it.  While it might not be the original cola of colas, it's still pretty tasty.

It's very sweet, and thankfully that sweetness is from cane sugar, as noted boldly on the label.  The carbonation is a little heavy, but still refreshing, considering.  The cola taste isn't anything special, but it's still cola, so it's a winner with me.

The ingredient list thankfully doesn't contain any HFCS, as state, nor does it contain any sodium benzoate. This was on the shelf here for five bucks for a pack of six, which isn't too bad.  

While everything sounds kind of mediocre it is a better than average cola and overall a quality soda that sits in the category between mainstream and gourmet.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!