Old Jamaican Ginger Beer


I'm not sure if they're insinuating that this a style of ginger beer that you would find in an older period of Jamaican history, or if an old person from Jamaica made this.  Either way I'm scared.  This seems to be the most hardcore ginger beer I've ever set my eyes on.  No real reason, I'm just worried.

Thankfully the ingredients aren't something I have to worry about:  water, sugar, natural and artificial ginger flavors, gum arabic, citric acid, carbon dioxide.  That's not much of a lineup, and less usually seems to be better.  I think I'm just going to jump into this one.

Wow, the smell really concerns me.  That's a very bold, powerful ginger smell.  And there's no mistaking it for a ginger ale smell, this is ginger beer.  The taste is surprisingly clean.  Like, ridiculously clean.  It's like if they were able to get liquid ginger and water to separate like oil and vinegar, I can imagine water surrounding liquid ginger as I drink it.  Very crisp, however, not the burn I expected.  It put up a pretty good front, but this is a reasonably mild ginger beer.  Very sweet, very crisp, extremely mild carbonation, and a good ginger flavor, with just a bit of burn.  

One odd note, it says it's a "Product of Canada."  That seems to be the opposite direction of old, or new, Jamaica.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!