Reed's Original Ginger Brew

   We've reviewed so manyReed’s Gingerproducts it amazed me to find out that we’ve never tried their Original Ginger Brew.  Well guess what, and unless you’re horrible at guessing you’ll probably guess correctly.  That’s right we’re shutting the site down out of embarrassment… after of course we review Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, review several other sodas, make a profit off of the site, open a store that rivals Wal-Mart in terms of power, achieve a cult like following, and buy golden DeLoreans only to have endangered owls race them to a fiery, fiery, aftermath.  So let’s get to it!

   Much like the other Reed’s Ginger products, this one has quite the ginger aroma.  No it doesn’t smell like a red-head… that would be creepy.  What it does have is 17 grams of fresh ginger per bottle.  Now this concerns me a bit because the bottle says “All Natural Jamaican Style Ginger Ale”, but this is starting to seem more like a ginger beer.  Only one way to find out… inject it into my veins.  Sadly my Ginger Injection Machine (G.I.M) is on the fritz, so I’ll just drink it instead.  Have I mentioned that I’m feeling a bit off today? I have no idea why.

   Delicious!  So far it’s as promised… rich, flavorful, ginger ale!  While the side of the bottle clearly says “Strong Ginger Bite”, I think I’m home free from experiencing something that would set my tonsil holes ablaze.  It’s very light in carbonation, which normally would be bad for a ginger ale in my book, but the rich flavor of ginger really makes me not care much about anything else.  “Wait Aaron… if the ginger flavor is so rich, why isn’t it burning your mouth?”  Who said that?  Oh, you!  First off, leave my house… wait don’t forget your wallet.  Secondly, I compare it to having really rich chocolate that doesn’t taste overly sweet.  Ok… the answer is that I don’t really know.  I see that this has 8 grams less than Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew (which is a ginger beer), so I’m sure that plays a large factor.  I had a bit of a stomach ache earlier, and the ginger is effectively knocking that out as well as giving my stomach a warming sensation.  Thanks Reed’s.  Threeds.  The only negative thing I can say about this is that it leaves a bit of a film in your mouth.   The film has the same consistency of what you might find in the after effects of a swig of grape juice, of course that only applies if you have the same reaction to grape juice as I.  Even with that tiny complaint, this still ranks as one of the best ginger ales that I’ve ever tasted. 

Verdict – Buy a Pallet!


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Faux Fact: Iguanas are a combination of water, ginger, and scales