Bubble Up

   This bottle of Bubble Up was given to us by Abel A, and oddly enough I’ve been kind of excited to try it.  I’m aware that it’s probably a 7up rip off, but the name of the soda is so campy that I’m drawn to it.  The labeling isn’t particularly awesome, it involves *gasp!* a lemon and a lime.  The label shows that this is full of chemicals, much like some of its mainstream brethren.  The label also shows that this is produced under the authority of The Dad’s Root Beer Company, oh joy!  Just so it’s clear where my bias might stand… of the three lemon/lime sodas my favorite is 7up, followed by Sierra Mist, and trailing far behind them is Sprite.

   Taking a whiff I’m a bit surprised at the fact that lime seems to be the obviously more powerful flavor in Bubble Up… maybe I’ve written it off too soon.  Time for drinkin’.

   Before I go into the flavor aspect, I have to say that this is way less carbonated than I thought it would be.  I see bubbles clinging all over the sides of the bottle, but it has no bite to it what-so-ever.  Swishing Bubble Up around in your mouth thoroughly gets you the sharpness in mouth feel you should have received when you first opened it.   As for the flavor of the three most common lemon/lime beverages it might compare to, Sprite is your winner there.  I wouldn’t label Bubble Up as a lemon-lime soda though.  If this were a race, the lime flavored horse would be about a lime flavored horse length ahead of the lemon flavored horse.  A more honest flavor would be lime-lemon, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as well.  If they wanted to face lawsuit I guess they could say it had a Lymon flavor.  I can’t tell you how many times Mike and I reference bank lollipops when talking to one another about soda flavors, but the lime in this does taste lightly of lime bank sucker.  Bubble Up isn’t particularly different in any way, but if you see it and it’s cheaper than the mainstream…

Verdict – Buy a Bottle!


Bubble Up.JPG

Twist enjoys a free Bubble Up with a bowl of rainbow stew.