Dad's Root Beer

   Today’s installment from the Popcast is Dad’s Root Beer… which I know Mike hates.  How do I know this, well he seems to tear off bits of my soul with his stare when I mention it.  I know it’s not going to be that bad, so here goes the review.   The label is pretty boring, but it’s an older drink so I guess we can let that slide.  Moxie on the other hand is one of the oldest drinks, but has a fantastic label… so I take back my previous “slide” for Dad’s.

   Upon opening Dad’s it smells rather odd for a root beer.  It almost has a minty smell, with some cinnamon undertones.  It’s like you tried to make your first pie, and just added all the smell good spices in hopes that something positive will come out of doing that.  Well we all know that cinnamon/basil pie wouldn’t be that great, so let’s see what the drink equivalent tastes like.

   While this certainly does not taste like a root beer, Mike’s supreme hatred for this is unwarranted in my book.  Sometimes a drink just tastes badly to someone for no reason other than the fact that their taste buds are wired a bit differently.  My example of oddly wired taste buds is the fact that I don’t like watermelon.  People think I’m crazy for hating its taste, I’m not, but my taste buds missed out on watermelon day when being created.  Moving on.  This to me honestly tastes like Pepto Bismol Root Beer.  Which is another reason why Mike probably hates this, and I don’t mind it.  I like the flavor of Pepto Bismol.  Would I ever mix Pepto and Root Beer?  No, I can assure you I wouldn’t, but now that I’ve tried it I can’t say that it’s horrible.  To summarize… Dad’s Root Beer doesn’t taste like root beer.  It tastes like Pepto Bismol flavored root beer.  Don’t you wish you’d just skipped to the end now?

 Verdict – Buy a Bottle



Twist was feeling nauseous, so he missed picture day