Thomas Kemper Orange Cream


Back to the northwest we go, the land of Thomas Kemper, amongst other things.  Today we're going to take a look at their orange cream.  In fact we'll even one up that and not just look at it but taste it too.  Yeah, I'm sure I've used that joke already, but I refuse to go back through all my reviews and see if I did.  For all I know I used it last week.

Anyway, like other Thomas Kemper drinks it has the combo of cane sugar and honey.  Along with that you get some vanilla extract.  It also promises that you'll feel like you're 11 years old again, which I suppose if you had a good childhood, would be a nice treat.  I think I've pretty much felt the same throughout my life so I couldn't tell you what age I felt at the time I drank this.

The drink's biggest problem is it takes a page from the book of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  Yes, they have a book, but only we in the foods industry are privy to it.  What I mean is it's not necessarily orange cream but rather cream orange.  Too much cream, not enough orange.  The flavor in general is a tad dull, to be honest.  The generic Deerfield from Walgreen's outdoes this, and both have the advantage of no HFCS. 

Sorry, TK, it's good, but nowhere near your ginger ale.

Finally, I got to use privy in a review.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!