Dr. Zevia


Stevia is being touted as a "next-gen sweetener."  We don't know what's so bad about cane sugar, but it doesn't seem to be good enough for the soda industry.  So here's stevia, in the form of Dr. Zevia, part of a line of stevia sweetened sodas.  Dr. Zevia is their Dr. Pepper type drink.  So how does this next-gen, or "robot doctor" as we'll call it, hold up?  

Pretty bad.  Sure, it's diet, and diet to us is slang for "horrible," which it is.  It's really bad.  It's like a watery Dr. Pepper.  But to be fair, maybe we're not the best judges on this.

When it comes to diet sodas, this is bad, but it's not horrible.  It's not Beverly, that's for sure.

It does have some redeeming factors.  For one, it is zero calories, thanks to the stevia.  The ingredient list is fairly decent too, with lots of natural oils and cherry essence.  No sodium benzoate either!  That's always a plus.

So we may not be the best judges of diet soda for taste, but we can say that this is much better in the ingredient department than grabbing another diet soda.  So for that...

Verdict:  Buyer Beware!