Gamer Soda Cherry

   Remember Crystal Pepsi?  As a child I was amazed that Pepsi could be clear, and still have the same flavor as its original counterpart.  My mind literally exploded out of my ears when I learned that there could be a clear, non citrus flavored beverage.  How far science had taken us in the 10 short years I’d been alive.  I wax poetically on Crystal Pepsi because in front of me sits a clear cherry flavored beverage called Gamer Soda.  This cherry flavored Gamer Soda was sent to us by the fine folks at Gamer Soda, and to back up our end of the bargain we’re gonna review it.  By all accounts this beverage is right up our alley.  We both enjoy video games, and obviously we both enjoy soda.  The bottle art has a red hue to it so that it might represent the cherry flavoring, and the nutritional information is listed clearly at the top of the bottle… almost like a status bar in a video game.  The logo for Gamer Soda is somewhat witty as they use what looks to be a generic console controller as the “M” in the word Gamer.  All in all the appearance is nice, not over the top, but still original enough to maybe catch your eye.

   I open the bottle expecting a very light cherry odor to come out of the top of the bottle.  To my surprise the cherry scent comes rolling out at a much higher abundance than I imagined.  It’s not at a Cherry Crush level of scent, but it’s still stronger than you’d think.  Let’s drink this.

   Light is the first word that comes to my mind.  That’s not the flavor description, but the actual mouth feel of the soda is light.  This isn’t as heavy of a drink like something you might experience in an IBC Black Cherry, which I am also a fan of.  While I do normally associate a heavier taste with cherry flavored beverages, the fact that this one isn’t quite at powerful actually works for it.  I consume heavier beverages with less frequency than those that sit more lightly in my stomach, and I think the lack of coloring is helping that cause.  What I’m trying, and failing to say is this, it seems that the fine folks at Gamer Soda have reached a very good place when it comes to the amount of flavor, and how rich the beverage is.  Coupled with the fact that they use both Vitamin B, and cane sugar in their product and you get a good soda that you’ll be going back to.  After trying cherry I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to reviewing the Grape flavored Gamer Soda.  We said it best during the Popcast when it came down to giving it a score, so if you want the full explanation you’ll have to listen.  For now you’ll just get this…

Verdict – Buy a Pack!



Faux Fact:  Twist can turn invisible

(Note:  This beverage was provided to us by Gamer Soda)