Sonic Boom! - Street Fighter Energy Drink

   Round One!  FIGHT!  It’s time for another energy drink review.  This one is brought to us by the man known only as “Johnny Two Guns”.  Sitting in front of me is Sonic Boom! – Street Fighter energy drink.  Being a fan of Street Fighter II, I’m honestly looking forward to this review.  I still remember bringing the instruction booklet to lunch in the 5th grade just to show everyone that I owned it.  Let’s crack this open, and give it a whiff. 

   I’m already kind of scared because this has a similar “floral” scent that the last energy drink I tested had.  Let’s just say I don’t want to go down that road again.  Putting my nose to the opening of the can one more time, I get a hint of citrus, chemicals, and Indian lotus flowers.  Yay?  Now it’s time to don the red bandana, and get to drinking.

   Wow, I’m surprised at the flavor of Sonic Boom!  The initial taste and feel of the drink hits you like…well a Sonic Boom.  The drink’s piquancy makes its presence known on your tongue; it’s a quick bite that seems to be comprised of a lime/orange/chemical hybrid.   While the flavor stays consistent, the intensity thankfully does not.  After the drink electrified my tonsils (the jokes on them, I don’t have tonsils), Sonic Boom’s mouth feel morphs into that of Sierra Mist.  Not that it’s as crisp as Sierra Mist, but the carbonation level, and viscosity is similar.  While I’m sure this will wake me up a bit, I don’t think it will be the equivalent of a hundred hand slap to the face.  I don’t consider myself an energy drink connoisseur but, I would drink this again if it was offered to me.  Ken you believe it?

Verdict – Buy a Bottle (In Russia, Bottle buys you!)



Sonic Boom!480.jpg

In Japan, Twist is actually named Balrog.