Sunkist Float

   One of our first reviews was for A&W Float in a bottle.  Mike hated that drink, and when I asked why he told me it tasted of rancid milk.  I scoffed at him as I took my first few sips, then realized he was right.  The taste of overdue milk had invaded my mouth, it was ruining everything about my day.  Now over two years later I have its sister in front of me… Sunkist Float in a bottle.  This was given to us by a fan named Abel A, so I thank you Abel A.  Now I’m a fan of Sunkist Orange Soda, it’s one of the better generic brands out there if you ask me.  If this ruins my taste for Sunkist, so help me there will be blood.  Time to crack it open, and take a whiff.

   Sigh… it smells of rancid milk, and oranges.  In a tone only Eeyore could replicate “Let’s drink.”

   Right off the bat I get the taste, and texture, of melted orange sherbet, and nothing else.  There is no real carbonation to be found here, although I know it’s there by looking on the label.  Looking at the label I also see that this is Sugar sweetened, well I learned something new.  Now, this isn’t anything you’re going to want to drink for refreshment; this is strictly a standalone beverage in my opinion.  I am happy to say that so far there is no sign of a spoiled milk flavor creeping up on me.  As you might suspect, Sunkist Float is a very sweet drink, but not overly so.  In trying to create a Float in a Bottle, I give them a C+.  I think if they carbonated it a bit more, and removed a bit of the thick texture it’d be a good beverage.  Overall Sunkist Float isn’t a bad drink, nor is it a great drink.  This is something you’ll see one day in a convenience store, and maybe you’ll buy it if you’re feeling wacky.  I’ll tell you right now that I’ll never buy this again.  That’s not meant to scare you off, I’m just guessing the experience won’t pull you back for more.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle!


Sunkist Float480.jpg

Faux Fact: Iguanas eat over 4,500 lbs of oranges a day.