Jones' Root Beer


Let's break down the two parts of this drink.  First there's the "Jones" part.  This means it's good, it's reasonably priced, but it doesn't use high fructose corn syrup.  Secondly, there’s the "root beer" part.  This means its root beer.  So this is a good tasting root beer that is reasonably priced and doesn't use high fructose corn syrup.

To go more in-depth to the taste, it's a very sweet root beer, and you can really taste the difference of having cane sugar in it.  It just adds an extra hint of flavor that you can't get from HFCS.  If I had to think of anything negative about it, I'd say that the sweetness almost overshadows the root beer flavor, but just by the slightest bit.

I like these products because they're like the gap between the really fine sodas that cost a lot and your cheaper, HFCS-loaded beverages.  So if you want a gentle entry to the world of finer sodas, especially if you want to get a large quantity of it for a group, here you go. 

Verdict:  Buy a pack!