Reed's Cherry Ginger Brew

Reed's Cherry Ginger Brew.jpg

We welcome another Reed's Brew, this time it's a cherry and ginger combo.  We've had these before, with the Spiced Apple, which was amazing, and the Raspberry Ginger, which was...okay.  I believe I said it was more Ginger Raspberry than Raspberry Ginger.  I thought I'd be using that line again with the cherry this week but instead I have to say this:  It's not Cherry Ginger, it's not Ginger's just Ginger.

Thankfully a good ginger, and a red one at that.  That's about the only place I'm getting cherry out of this is the color.  It does claim to have cherry juice, 22% at that, but I guess they should have bumped it up a bit for balance.  I'd say a good balance would be...50/50?  

It does serve one big purpose though, it's the best middle-ground between ginger ale and ginger beer that we've ever had.  It has that burn, but it's very slight, it goes away reasonably speedy, and is tasty.  So if you're looking to get a hint of what a ginger beer could be without taking the daring plunge (okay, it's not that daring) then this is for you.  Either way, I'd suggest...

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!