Deerfield Sweet Strawberry Cream

   I haven’t had many Strawberry Cream Sodas, in fact I’ve only had one… and it was delicious.  What I have in front of me is given to us by Dan the Fan, and it as you may have guessed is a strawberry cream soda.  It’s a Deerfield Trading Co. Strawberry Cream soda to be exact, a brand we’ve tasted/loved before, and it's time to review it.

   Upon opening this almost smells like strawberry soda with a bit of fruit punch mixed in.  There really is nothing amazing about the scent, so let’s upend and move on.

   The flavor is good, but it seems watery.  I really wanted to have my taste buds blown away by what should be a naturally powerful strawberry flavor.  To me this tastes like they took generic strawberry punch and... Wait a second, how about we do this in story form? 

   You’re at your High School Dance, and you’re feeling a bit thirsty.  Dressed to the nines you walk over to the concession booth, hand Ms. Grundy a nickel, and get yourself a delicious strawberry punch.  Just after you started on your strawberry punch Veronica/Reggie comes over and asks you to dance.  Being a gentlemen/lady you oblige them and wander out on the dance floor forgetting your strawberry punch, and instead dream you’re dancing with Nancy/Chuck.  If Veronica/Reggie could climb inside your head they would be heartbroken… HEARTBROKEN!  You consider yourself a horrible person, but then think “if Moose can find happiness with Midge, don’t I deserve to be happy too?”  As the song comes to a close you make eyes with Veronica/Reggie hoping they don’t see the dreams behind them.  Wandering back to your table, nursing a now bruised foot, you sit down to enjoy your strawberry punch.  Sadly though, all the ice has melted, and it’s once vibrant red is now a shade lighter.  You take a sip, and you are awash with disappointment as what was once delicious is now average at best.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


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