Regina Pizzeria Raspberry Lime Rickey


To me a lime ricky is just a very limey drink, and I'm not making a deraguatory term about British people. Well, I looked it up, and a lime ricky can be anything mixed with lime really, alcoholic or not.

I wanted to find a drink unique to Boston while I was there, so in this case we have a raspberry one bottled by a local pizzeria.  Honestly I didn't see that it was raspberry, so when I first had it, it tasted like lime and a mystery flavor that was probably a berry.

Its okay, but just kind of bland for a lime drink. I think they need to up the lime more. The flavors seem too even to me, like a 50/50 blend, and it just doesn't work in this situation. The idea of lime and raspberry is great, just not this one. Combine that with the fact that this is an HFCS chemical cocktail and it's slightly below disappointing.

The pizza was good though.

Verdict:  Buyer beware!