Organics Blood Orange Italian Soda


There is something really gross about the name "blood orange."  I guess it's because I'm a wuss and don't like blood.  But really, even if you're okay with Discovery Health or slasher flicks, does that really mean you'd want to drink something with "blood" in the title?  All my True Blood watching fans are saying "yes" right now, and "no" to me using so many quotation marks.  So we'll move on.

The last Organics brand drink we did (which, if you recall, is a Walgreen's brand) was a delicious pomegranate, in fact a pomegranate I'd gladly have again.  Let's find out how beverage fairs.

First of all this is, just like the pomegranate, very natural.  Organic blood orange juice, organic sugar, black carrot juice...very nice.  No HFCS, no sodium benzoate.  The scent is fantastic, it smells just like an orange slush puppy, if you know what that is.  The taste though is like carbonated orange juice for the most part.  That's not really a bad thing, but it does hurt the refreshness level.  I mean, orange juice isn't very refreshing.  The flavor makes the drink kind of "heavy" so to speak.  The carbonation is fairly mild, but the natural orange juice gives it weight.  Refreshness?

If you like orange, bloody or not, this is one for you to try.  It's very natural, but the heaviness takes some points off.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!