Jones Zilch Pom-egranate Soda


We tend to shy away from diet sodas because, well, they're gross.  Jones has given some hope in the diet department with their Zilch line, which, as the name implies, are zero calorie sodas.

I have hope because it's Jones, Zilch is a better name than diet, and they use sucralose rather than aspartame.  I'm cooler with sucralose, being a derivative of sugar.  Most people know it as it's brand name, Splenda.  Fun fact:  sucralose was discovered to be sweet when someone working in a lab was told to "test the powder" but heard "taste."  Good thing it wasn't poison.

Anyway, this is actually tasty, which is nice because it gives me hope for more decent diet sodas.  I've come to like pomegranate, although I never heard of it prior to about five years ago.  All I knew was if you took a shot of that "Pom" juice once a day, it was good for your health.  I don't know if I believe that.  I've had it mostly in lollipop form and it's sort of cherry-esque.  

It's not shockingly sweet like your normal soda, but it's a nice, crisp alternative with zero calories.  On top of all that it's got Vitamin C, so hey, it's better than water.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!


(Note:  This beverage was provided to us by Jones)