Coco Fizz

  We’ve been looking for a chocolate soda to try, but alas they are all diet.  Thankfully the folks at the Durango Soda Company make Coco Fizz, a non diet chocolate soda.  This beverage also has the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory label on it, so I assume they had a hand in making it too. 

  The label is disappointing in a lot of ways, for one it’s pretty boring.  I don’t think “chocolate” when I see an off white label with brown bubbles.  Secondly there is no actual cocoa in this beverage.  They do have cane sugar, but past that and the triple filtered carbonated water it’s just chemicals.  Maybe it’s hard to actually incorporate cocoa into a carbonated beverage, I don’t know.  I just find it a bit weird that it’s a chocolate soda, with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory label on it… but there’s no chocolate listed as being in it.  Enough of this, let's upend and open.

  When you first open the bottle the chocolate aroma comes pouring out.  It makes you want to drink the beverage right away.  While I’m not happy that it’s a chemical filled beverage, the smell makes up for a lot of what I said earlier… if it can deliver on taste as well.  We don’t hate chemical beverages if they taste great… just look at Stewart’s Key Lime.  Check your watch, cause it’s time to drink.

  The first thing I think of when I drink Coco Fizz is that it tastes like carbonated Yoohoo.  You are greeted with a good chocolate flavor, but it’s not overpowering.  You aren’t refreshed by any means, but I don’t think you’re supposed to be.  This to me would qualify as a “treat”, or a “dessert soda”.  There is a slight cola undertone, but not nearly enough that you would even put this in the cola category.  When I tried this for the Popcast I thought that Coco Fizz had a very consistent flavor, chocolaty from start to finish.  Now that I’m drinking my review bottle it seems more watery at times; I don’t know if that’s my memory being faulty, or if it’s hard to make a consistently flavored chocolate soda.  The change in flavor does lower my opinion of Coco Fizz a bit though… the drink, not the folks who make it.  The aftertaste is sweet, and very pleasant.  You mouth will remember that you had a chocolate flavored item, and you will be happy that your mouth can do that.  Overall it’s an interesting beverage, a treat as I stated before.  It’s not something that you must have, but it’s something that you’d probably like to try… and maybe share with your friends.

Verdict:  Buy a pack


Coco Fizz.JPG

Fun Fact:  Twist is a recovering Choc-o-holic.  We're teasing him by making him pose for this picture.

(Note:  This beverage was provided to us by ZuberFizz)