Hooters Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

   A gas station with people loitering in the    parking lot displaying the latest modifications to their    cars and playing loud music is typically something I avoid.     Typically is the key word,  at this moment though, convenience    wins the day. So I park my car at this gathering    point/convenience store and maneuver my way through a crowd who    doesn't seem unfamiliar with this form    of tailgating.  I finally reach the beverage cooler    and slowly reach into the rack for the mainstream beverage I love    so well.  But wait, what do we have here in the row just underneath my    favorite?  Hooter's Energy Drink.  Yes that's right folks, an    energy drink produced by the infamous Hooters franchise.  Many    unfortunate slogans adorn this tasteful product and are worthy of    repeating here.  The first slogan boldly proclaims "Delightfully    Unrefined Energy," Whatever that means.  Second, on the back    of the can a disclaimer advises potential consumers who are pregnant or    children to stay away. Third, I am told in the traditional hooters orange    bubble lettering that this beverage is an official sponsor of a NASCAR driver.     Gimmicks aren't my thing, so considering the previous descriptions; this    product is off to a disadvantaged start.  Also, I'm a little    frightened that they felt the need to tell children not to drink this.

   Driving home I pop the top and begin to quaff    this unusual potion, apprehensive as to what I might discover.  A    lightly carbonated orange colored fluid greets me, and the accompanying    taste is best described as an ambiguous fusion between lemon-lime and    bubble gum.  Both the lemon-lime and bubble gum flavors are mild and    are barely noticeable from the first few sips.  There is a    strong element of sweetness that is neither overpowering nor    unpalatable.  I continue to consume Hooters Energy Drink to see    if any more dimension of the beverages taste reveal themselves, but they do    not.  The bubble gum/lemon-lime taste remains static throughout    the experience, as does the carbonation.  The taste isn't bad, and    I've certainly had much worse.  I don’t dislike this, but    I'm not crazy about it either.

   Relieved that the can is empty, I    reflect back on the entire experience.  This is a drink with    a strange gimmick, coupled with a mediocre taste.  So the    review of this cans contents is somewhat predictable.

   Review: Buyer Beware.  This product fails    to pay any real dividends on its labels hype.  Plus, A    restaurant inspired energy drink seems strange and counterintuitive in    my opinion.  I can’t tell you not to buy a can, but I can assure you    that I certainly will not purchase Hooters Energy Drink again. 


Who knew that Hooter's was famous for their energy drinks?