Zuberfizz: Key Lime Cream Soda

   I’m getting married soon, sorry ladies, and this past Christmas my best man bought me 8 random sodas, a keg of Virgil’s Root Beer, and a large metal bucket to ice said sodas in.  Couple that with the fact that I’ve known him for 12 or 13 years, and you now know why he’s my best man.   One of the sodas he gave me is Zuberfizz:  Key Lime Cream Soda.  Now having tried another Key Lime soda in the past, I can already tell you I’m excited.  What makes this an even more exciting moment is the fact that Zuberfizz uses sugar instead of HFCS in their sweetening process. 

   I’m incredibly thirsty right now, which doesn’t happen very often when I’m about to review a soda.  The label isn’t helping the situation either.  “Classic Draft Soda” is written in a basic black font on the top of the label.  I’m sure they didn’t think anyone was going to care about that part of the label, but it’s making my mouth water.  Something about the phrase “Classic Draft Soda” just sounds so amazingly good to me.  The rest of the label is done in a classic 1940’s western style, which I think would look cool on a shirt.  The bottle cap is even awesome, the classic look they went with here is really winning me over.  Enough chatter, let’s open this up.

   Ever go to the bank, drive up or walk-in… it doesn’t matter.  If you have a totally awesome bank, or doctor, there will usually be a point where you can get a sucker.  They are usually multicolored, and in a bowl of some sort.  Me personally, I always go for the lime green suckers because I’m a sucker for lime. (Har, Har, Har)  This smells just like a lime green bank sucker, that’s all I’m going to say because I want to drink it now.

   It has a great Key Lime taste, a little tart, refreshing… I will already recommend you try this if you find it.  The cream soda aspect of it is certainly there in the mouth feel of this Zuberfizz concoction.  It’s a very creamy aftertaste with little carbonation.  You would think there would be more carbonation since the bottle proclaims “Feel the Fizz” but alas there is not.  It’s not too sweet, it’s just right in most aspects of flavor.  The aftertaste is that of green bank suckers, so the smell is dead on when compared to the flavor.  It leaves a little bit of a film on the back of my throat, that’s the down side to this drink.  If I could perfect this soda, I would make the finish a bit cleaner than it is already. 

Verdict – Buy Stock in the Company

Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda.JPG

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