Sangria Señorial

   If you’ve listened to the Popcast you already know what I’m going to say about Sangria Señorial.  If you haven’t, then get ready for a written review that will drive you to drinking… soda that is.  Ok, so here’s the skinny.  A fan of the show, Dan Dubs, gave us a bottle of Sangria Señorial to review.  Neither of us have ever had normal Sangria so we weren’t sure what to expect, so take my review with a grain of salt in this case.

   Looking at the bottle it seems like a classy beverage.  Sure, it could be a lot classier looking if it was placed in a glass bottle, but who am I to complain… oh yeah!  I have to immediately assume that this will have at least a grape taste to it based on the fancy logo, coupled with the fact that Sangria is basically “wine punch”.  Time to drink.

   Upon opening the bottle I can’t really smell anything.  Unfortunately I have to share this with Mike, so I must pour it in a glass.  Wow, apparently letting it breath opens up a whole new side to this beverage.  I now get the distinct smell of acetone wafting off the top of it.  If I could stop after smelling it I would, but as you know we do this for the big bucks, so here we go.  Alright, it’s not half bad for a beverage.  It has a very robust flavor, much like a "grown up" grape juice/soda.  It has a full body, and the odor dissipates the more you drink it.  I’m sure the odor doesn’t go away, but it’s like your taste buds are telling your nose that it’s ok to consume it.  There is a hint of tartness in it, and just enough sweet to battle it back.  Holding it up to the light it has a color much like a merlot.  This is certainly something, which if poured in the right glass, would look like a fantastic beverage to be drinking.  I can’t say that the flavor is addicting, but it’s unique, and certainly grows on you. 

 Verdict – Buy a Bottle!


Sangria Senorial.jpg

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