Deerfield's Orchard Black Cherry (Fan Review!)

   Normally in the past when I encounter a soda that is either unfamiliar to me or that peaks my interest I would go ahead and pick it up and give it to the Jerks to review.  But on this particular occasion I came across a soda that I could not bring myself to give away.  I am a fruit soda maniac, and Black Cherry is my mecca. 

   The bottle is very simple and straight forward:  a clear yet curvy glass bottle with a logo, some very important writing that I will get to in a minute, and a picture of some cherries.  It could definitely use some work, but it gets the point across.  Now that very important writing is that this soda contains no high fructose corn syrup. 

   My expectations for this soda are incredibly high going into it. So without further ado:

   I open the bottle and take a whiff.  It smells like just about every other black cherry soda I have had, only fresher, riper, and cleaner.  Now the cleaner part is the part that excites me the most.  Alot of black cherry sodas come across as overpowering highly carbonated versions of black cherry kool aid, and while I am a big kid at heart, I long for something more.  This drink delivers.  The first sip floods my mouth with a sweet black cherry flavor and my immediate reaction is to swallow, drink, swallow, drink and before I can even figure out why I like it so much half of the bottle is gone.  I put the bottle  down and back away slowly in an effort to collect my thoughts.  My first thought is that I definitely should have bought more than one.  The flavor is sweet but not overpowering, in fact it is the perfect level of flavor.  The carbonation is lighter than most soda but it only serves to enhance the flavor.  This soda is incredibly refreshing and from the first sip to the last drop in the bottle the flavor does not falter at all.

   That being said, there are two problems:  1) Deerfield is only available at Walgreens and Walgreens are not as common as they used to be.  Luckily for me, there is a 24 hour Walgreens not too terribly far from work, and another one less than a block from work.  2)  They are a little on the expensive side.  I believe that I paid 1.79 for a single 16 ounce bottle.  Actually, I will confirm that in an hour or so when I get back with a few more bottles for my weekend!  So what if it is 3:00 am local time?!?!  This soda is that good! Dont Judge me!

Overall rating -Buy several pallets.  The only thing keeping me from giving the Buy Stock rating is the the lack of availability and the price per unit.


Deerfield Orchard Black Orchard.JPG