Sexy Italia - Energy Drink Plus

   Feeling a bit sleepy a little before 9:00 pm made me feel old, so I decided to crack open an energy drink that’d been in my fridge for a while… Sexy Italia.

   I picked up this can at a favorite stomping of TheSodaJerks, honestly when it looks like two genies are about to procreate on the label how you could you pass it up.  Something just now caught my eye though, it’s labeled as an energy drink… plus.  After looking up the limited information I can find on this beverage I learn that I’m about to drink an aphrodisiac.  It’s amazing there aren’t more Italians with this Energy Drink + Aphrodisiac on the market.  The label clearly tells me, in both English and Italian, that my energy is coming from Vitamin’s B6, B12, and some Niacin.  I have no doubt that this will help me stay awake for a short while, but I have my doubts on the aphrodisiac; regardless of the fact that in tiny official print the can tells me that it holds a  “High level of energy and stimulating components.”  I really wish I could go into all the amusing words listed on this can, but I’m positive I’d be giving this energy drink + more than it deserved in a review.  I’ll tell you at the end of the review if either the energy portion or the aphrodisiac portion of the drink works.  Don’t worry Mom, it won’t be weird.  Let’s just drink this thing.

    I open the can and I immediately smell the laundry list of ingredients that I’m about to ingest.  Upon first drink though I can’t say that I hate it, but I couldn’t tell you what I taste right now either.   Sexy Italia is hardly a descriptive term in the flavor world; unless you take it literally… then it’s gross.  I will tell you that the aftertaste is way better than the actual taste of the drink, which is an interesting change.  This is kind of how I would think flavored lighter fluid would taste, although I just found online that the flavors are “roses and pomegranate.”  I’m not exactly sure that rose is considered a flavor, but we’ve reviewed a lavender flavored beverage before so I guess anything goes.  Orange!  I think I taste some sort of orange here in the after taste, or maybe I’m just hoping for orange.  There was some citric acid listed amongst the dictionary of words on the side of this can, so maybe that’s what I taste.  Whew, just burped… tastes like the aftertaste.  Ok, now it’s time for me to just sit back and see if I feel any of the effects.

*time passes*

   Energy… all I got from this drink was energy; not even energy really, I’m just more awake now.  It has served its purpose well; I will no longer fall asleep like an old person at 9:30 pm.  Now I can stay up with all the others in Generation Y and watch the 10:00 news!  WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!  The aphrodisiac portion of this beverage either has no effect on me, or is non-existent.  Just thought I’d through that in there to qualm any fears that I’d turned into a pro-creating genie… much like the ones on the can. 

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!


Twist the Iguana wanted no part of this