Oogave... the company

   What's this, a company review?  I thought y'all just did sodas?  Well, we decided when we finish a company's full line of sodas we'd write them a company review.  We first reviewed Oogave Mandarin-Key Lime back in May and knew we had a winner on our hands.  Since that time we’ve reviewed their remaining five flavors:  Grapefruit Soda, Esteban’s Cola, Watermelon Cream, Ginger Ale, and Esteban’s Rootbeer.  Their total collection of drinks averages out at around 3.2 out of 5 bottles.  On most scales that wouldn’t seem impressive, but we’re TheSodaJERKS… if the drink you’re holding is above a 3 on our scale, then you’ve got something good in your hands. 

   What makes Oogave different from other manufacturers is that they sweeten with Agave nectar.  I could continue on about how awesome that is, but I’ll just steal a quote from their own website... because they deserve to have their own words used when describing their product.

Oogavé is the first soda to be sweetened only with 100% organic agave nectar--not one drop of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Not only is agave nectar a fantastic sweetener, but the garbage found in traditional sodas has been removed. Artificial flavors, artificial colors, salt and preservatives such as sodium benzoate are not used.

Oogavé has only four principal ingredients: agave nectar, carbonated water, citric acid, and natural flavors--nothing that cannot be found in nature. Instead of injecting artificial flavors, we use only natural plant and fruit extracts.

We add caffeine to only one of our flavors, Esteban's Cola, and that caffeine is naturally derived from green tea leaves, not something created in a lab. In short, we offer a soda the way mother nature intended.

   See that? The way Mother Nature herself intended.  I picture a large, grandmotherly oak tree smiling and patting Esteban (the Big Cheese of Oogave) on the head for his natural contribution to the soda world.  It’s not just the fact their drinks are made with excellent ingredients, it’s the wide variety of flavors as well.  Root beer and Cola… well of course that’s a staple of any soda manufacturer.  Watermelon Cream and Mandarin-Key Lime visit the other end of the spectrum.    

   The drinks alone are not what make Oogave a good company.  Like many of the smaller soda manufacturers out there, the staff behind the soda makes it all the better.  We have been contacted by a few of their staff members and they are always very conversational, polite, and downright cool.  I know if you use the term “downright cool” it immediately makes it seem uncool, but trust me… they rock.  By this point you’re probably wondering why we’re kissing up so badly to Oogave… the thing is we really aren’t.  There is a reason we finished their line of sodas, it’s good stuff.

Oogave Review Average Verdict:  Buy a Pack of Oogave!


*Note* - After finishing this company review we got a comment from Oogave saying that they will have some more flavors out later.  Since we're not going to put a perfectly good company review to waste, we'll update accordingly when they release the new flavors.