Jones Soda Crushed Melon (Fan Review!)

Comparison Review of Jones Pure Cane Soda, Crushed Melon flavor

By Roy and Becky

Purchased at Big Lots for .70/bottle...Buy yours now!

First Impression:

R - Nice label picture of a cat

B - What kind of melon is *that* color?


R - light orange

B - peach


R - The smell of melon is distinctive and inviting.

B - It smells like melon-flavored candy.


R - It has a clean, sweet taste; and I can taste the cane sugar.

B - It doesn't have a specific, identifiable melon flavor. It has more of a generic melon flavor.


R - It has a pleasant, lingering taste.

B - It leaves a light fizz in your mouth.


R - 3.5-4.0 out of 5 bottles. I really like it!

B - 3.5 out of 5 bottles. I like it.


Not actual bottle consumed.  Sadly that is not a snowboarding cat