Oogave Watermelon Cream

oogave watermelon cream prof.jpg

The only watermelon soda I've had was the one from Epcot, and that one was pretty bland. I really enjoyed the Oogave Mandarin-Key Lime, so I figured that I would try another one of their products from our local Hubble and Hudson store and went with their other fruit soda, the Watermelon Cream.

This is much better than the other watermelon I had, in the sense that this one has an actual flavor to it. At the same time, though, it's still watermelon and that's not my favorite flavor. This one isn't crisp as the Mandarin-Key Lime, it's a bit heavier, probably because of the "cream" part, but not as heavy as a typical cream soda. I'm avoiding using the comparison to Jolly Ranchers, but it does have a candy-type flavor.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!

-Mike E.