Abita Springs Root Beer


If you ever want me to hunt down a particular drink, say it's better than the highest rated equivalent soda.  For example, someone who I trust told me that while Virgil's Root Beer was excellent, Abita Springs Root Beer was better.  Needless to say I was shocked, and sort of excited, because while I love Virgil's and their products, I always hope for something out there to be better.

Unfortunatly, this is not better.  In fact there are many root beers out there which are much better than this one.  It's just really dull, not that sweet.  Very generic.  Read the ingredients and tell me where they went wrong:  carbonated water, cane sugar (according to the front of the label, pure Louisiana cane sugar at that), caramel color, root beer flavor, phosphoric acid.  Now, my guess is the problem is all about the "root beer flavor."  That's very generic sounding, like they went through this process at trying to make a decent root beer and decided that the most important part should be picked up at the grocery store where you can get "root beer flavor" in the baking aisle.  Again I'll stress that this isn't bad, but it's not great either.  An average root beer. 

So the search continues...

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!

-Mike E.