Jones Soda - Green Apple

   Any time I tell someone that I review sodas, a very common question that follows is "Have you tried Jones Soda?" The answer is always "No I have not". I've never even tried Jones Soda before this website. I was given some as a Christmas gift a while back, but it was the Christmas meal flavors like 'Brussels sprouts', and 'turkey and gravy'... so I wasn't all that enthused to try it. I don't really know why I've avoided Jones Soda; I guess I just viewed it as too trendy. We try to stay away from the mainstream here on this site, unless it's given to us for free to try. I compare Jones Soda to Apple Computers, it's hip to like them, and their software... ignoring that other companies (Microsoft, and Linux for example) are equally great. Just like Apple though, Jones Soda is popular for a reason, and I care to find out what makes it so good.

   Right off the bat I enjoy the fact that a bug is on my label... it has no reason to be there, it's just there. Upon further investigation I see where on their website you can send in your photos, and if they like them they'll place them on a label... pretty cool. While I'm very pleased with the label, the screw top bottle cap keeps catching my eye. I prefer your standard bottle cap when it comes to topping a glass bottle, much like every other bottle drink we've reviewed... The cap on this Jones Soda is like a metal version of one that you might find on a 20 oz Coke. While it looks like a mini-top hat on Twist's head, sad to say, but this takes away from the product for me. Call me picky if you like, but we are The Soda JERKS. The green coloring of the beverage is also nice to look at, but I digress. Alright, now that I've been distracted by all the pretty colors I guess I should start the review.

Right off the bat this seems to have a medicinal smell to it, I like Dimetapp, so maybe this has promise. Aaaaand now I know why they're popular, this is delicious. I'm not even that big of a fan of green apple flavored things, but the flavor is fantastic. It almost tastes like liquid Jolly Ranchers, but not overly sweet. Since it is green apple flavored there is a hint of sour to it as well. It's not pucker up sour, but very much like the sour you would enjoy after biting into an actual green apple. The flavor does linger a bit longer than I'd like it to in my mouth, it could be worse though as the lingering flavor is nice. The flavor of Jones Soda Green Apple is a strong one, with just the right amount of carbonation. It might be a little too sweet for rapid fire consumption, but it's just fine when you're searching for something unique to drink.

Verdict: Buy a Pallet!



Twist the Iguana likes his new mini-top hat