Safeway Grape Soda

   This may be my last generic grape soda for a while... as much as I love them I’m kind of tired of reviewing them so often.Who knows, maybe I’ll move onto orange.Anywho, today’s entry is Safeway Grape Soda (purchased at Kroger).This is another free drink from a co-worker, which I love getting.If I knew all the drinks I’d get for free by just reviewing them, I might have reviewed electronics instead.

   The can art is simplistic, which is always a plus with me.I’m not really fond of the fact that the Safeway name is clearly visible on the can, I’d much rather them title it something besides “grape” and remove the store label.The ingredients are chemicals, which is why I’m not going to even bother listing them.Something I did learn though is that it takes Red Dye 40, and Blue Dye 1 to make this particular shade of purple.Here goes the test.

   First off there is way too much burn for me in this drink.I can feel it on the roof of my mouth, my tongue, and even under my tongue.I’m all for a little kick with my drinks, but this is too much.When an “All Natural” drink has some burn, I usually savor it... unlike a “chemical” drink where I just associate the burn with chemicals.Grape sodas should have some sort of smooth taste to them; this one has way too much tingle.Past the actual feel of the drink, it’s your generic grape soda.It’s a little weaker on the grape flavor, but that may be because your mouth is more concentrated on the previously mentioned feel.Safeway Grape Soda isn’t a bad grape soda, I’ve just had several better.If given the opportunity, just get Grapette.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!