I'm about to drink Drank. That was fun to say. This one was donated by one of our fans at work, and when he approached me with the concept of a reverse energy drink, I was a little scared. Being someone who works at night, sleep and drowsiness in general is something that you have to be careful with. Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep; sometimes you want to sleep constantly.

This drink, called Drank, is billed as an "extreme relaxation beverage." The website doesn't go into much detail, so I was worried when I saw Melatonin in it because it didn't say how much. While I do take melatonin (when I remember to), too much can be bad. This is 2mg per can, so less than I usually take in a day. That news made me feel a bit safer. Along with that are 200% of all B vitamins, valerian root and rose hips. The back of the can call it a "relaxed lifestyle beverage" that will "slow your roll." Oh, and there's a warning that it may cause drowsiness and not to drink more than two servings (one can) during a 24 hour period. So here we go.

First off it smells like melted rocket pops, you know, those red, white and blue popsicles? Wow, this is really sugary for a drink that is supposed to calm me down. It's pretty good, I really can't describe the flavor though. Kind of like Red Bull I guess, or other energy drinks in general, combined with a liquid rocket pop. I guess I'm surprised because I can't imagine an anti-energy drink would taste like this, let alone have any sugar in it, but it does. So yeah, this is tasty. But the bigger concern is what it'll do to me. This part will take time, so...time elapses...

30 minutes later: nothing.

45 minutes later: about half way done. I am drowsy, not relaxed, just tired.

90 minutes later: time for bed.

So I slept very deeply, dreamt (very nice dream too, don't know if that's attributed to the drink, but they could be on to something here. Am I still in parentheticals? Yes, it looks like I am. I think I asked myself that to say parentheticals. There I got to say it again. Now back to the review.), and woke up with a numb hand, meaning my body wanted to sleep more than roll over and have circulation reach my hand. It's tasty and it works...but I still look at it dangerously...

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!